Koiji ga hama

A beautiful white beach chosen from the selection of 100 best beaches

Facing the Pacific Ocean, about 1km from Cape Irago Lighthouse to Hii no sekimon. A beautiful curved white beach with tall waves from the Pacific Ocean - that is Koiji ga hama.

“♪A coconut from a faraway island that I don’t even know the name ♪” The beach is famous for being a scene of a lyric poem by Touson Shimazaki,

It is a designated “Lover’s Sanctuary” along with Cape Irago Lighthouse as they are considered to be an ideal proposal spot.

“Fortune Lock (980yen/pair)” and “Happiness Lock (small: 880yen/pair, large: 1880yen/pair) are available at the store nearby Koiji ga hama.

Romantic scenery/Scene of “Yashinomi(coconut)”/End your day romantically/Fortune Lock/Bell to swear everlasting love

Recognized as a Lover’s Sanctuary on July 1, 2006
The bell has been placed in recognition.

Koiji ga hama
Cape Irago area
Koijigaura Iragocho, Tahara
About 90-minute drive from Tomei Highway Toyokawa IC
Parking: 124 vehicles
Contact info
Official site
Atsumi Peninsula Sightseeing Bureau
Tel: 0531-23-3516
Onsite: Parking, restroom, handicap restroom, souvenir/convenience store, restaurant/café Family friendly, couple friendly, senior friendly

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