The ruins of Tahara Castle

Tahara Castle was located near the ocean.

Tahara Castle was built by Munemitsu Toda in around 1480. The castle was called “Hakou Castle” since the castle was surrounded and strongly protected by the ocean which made a tomoe-shaped bay (Hakou means tomoe-shaped bay – Tomoe is a Japanese abstract shape that resembles a comma). In 1664, the castle was bestowed on Yasukatsu Miyake and became the Miyake clan’s residence. Miyake clan remained there until the Meiji Restoration.

The ruins of Tahara Castle
Taharacho, Tahara
15-minute walk fromToyohashi Tetsudo Mikawa-Tahara Station
Parking onsite
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Atsumi Peninsula Sightseeing Bureau
Tel: 0531-23-3516

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