Cape Irago Lighthouse

White-walled lighthouse standing at the tip of the Atsumi Peninsula

Along with the Kamishima Lighthouse, this light house has had a major role in safely guiding ships arriving to and leaving from the Mikawa Port and Kinuura Port. The way the lighthouse stands and overlooks the Pacific Ocean to Ise Bay and Mikawa Bay is unforgettable. Cape Irago Lighthouse was chosen from a selection of 50 best lighthouses.

Sunset at Cape Irago Lighthouse/View from Koyama/Walkway provided

※ Do not enter the lighthouse. You may tour only around the lighthouse.

Cape Irago Lighthouse
Cape Irago area
Koyama Iragocho, Tahara
About 90-minute drive from Tomei Highway Toyokawa IC
Parking onsite (10-minute walk from Koiji ga hama parking)
Contact info
Atsumi Peninsula Sightseeing Bureau
Tel: 0531-23-3516
Family friendly, couple friendly, senior friendly

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