Atsumi Peninsula “Donburi (Rice bowl) Kaido Road”

As you go further in Atsumi Peninsula, you will find the Donburi kaido road. Atsumi Peninsula is filled with lots of food ingredients and the cooks have turned them into delicious donburis using their skills and ideas. Come eat donburis and enjoy the peninsula.

  • Saucy fried pork donburi

    The homemade original sauce is the key of this saucy fried pork donburi.

  • Chinese style crispy whitebait donburi

    Fried whitebaits on top of the tenshin don (Chinese-style donburi) made with fresh eggs.

  • Fried conger eel donburi

    Full of fried fish including conger eel and vegetables grown in the own garden.

  • Atsumi Peninsula Tahara-brand donburi

    Made with vegetables that are recognized as Tahara-brand –you can try it only in Tahara.

  • Tahara pork bacon donburi

    Tahara pork is aged for 10 days then smoked with sakura (cherry blossom) chips.

  • Mikawa pork big meatball donburi

    Huge fluffy meatballs! Use renge spoon and dig it in with rice!

  • Atsumi beef yakiniku (Japanese style barbecue) donburi

    Delicious yakiniku beef donburi -Topped with full of Atsumi beef

  • Kazan whitebait and pork donburi

    Bed of whitebaits and ginger pork on top of rice. Mix it with an egg yolk, sesame oil, and rock salt.

  • Mikawa ginger pork donburi

    Savory tender meats pair perfectly with rice and vegetables.

  • Honey miso fried pork donburi

    Made with Tahara Happy Pork and rape blossoms’ honey from Suzuki Bee Farm

  • Whitebaits and mix vegetable tempura donburi

    You can taste the whitebaits and sea lettuce from Atsumi Peninsula.

  • Tahara Beef and fried whitebaits bibimbap donburi

    The excellent combination of Tahara beef, Akabane whitebaits, and vegetable namul!

  • Braised pork belly donburi

    Onsen tamago (soft boiled egg) on top of tender pork belly braised for two days

  • Refreshing soy sauce fried pork donburi

    Made with special refreshing soy sauce dressing

  • Mikawa Akadori (chicken) oyako donburi

    Made with fried akadori’s thigh and local eggs.

  • Aim for gold medal! Sukiyaki donburi

    Sukiyaki style donburi made with simmered local beef, pork and vegetables

  • Confit Atsumi pork with blueberry sauce donburi

    Pork loins cooked in a classic French style, confit. Refreshing salad donburi.

  • Fried big asari clam miso donburi

    Fried big asari clams and vegetables with homemade miso – very filling!

  • Eel donburi

    Finished with secret sauce passed down since the store opened in 1918.

  • Mikawa pork and egg donburi

    Made with local pork and eggs - hint of dashi.

  • Two-color raw whitebaits donburi

    You can enjoy both raw whitebaits and whitebaits tempura in one bowl.

  • Asari clam donburi

    Donburi made with dashi from seafood, asari clam, and eggs.

  • Atsumi big asari clam tempura egg donburi

    Atsumi’s specialty, big asari clams are turned into tempura and cooked with eggs.

  • Big asari clam tempra donburi

    Try this tempura of big asari clams and vegetables with homemade sauce!

  • Octopus and big asari clam Irago donburi

    Enjoy the harmony of octopus, big asari clams, and natural wakame seaweed!!

  • Crispy big asari clam donburi

    Made with fried big asari clams and small shrimps. Enjoy it with homemade soy sauce dressing.

  • Colorful tomato mapo donburi

    The combination of the sour colorful tomatoes grown in Irago and hot mapo tofu is on point!!

  • Mikawa pork stamina donburi

    Pile of meats marinated in the special sauce on top of home-grown rice and local vegetables

  • Bishago donburi

    Seafood donburi made with seasonal fish from Cape Irago

  • Miso tender fried pork donburi

    Enjoy the harmony of grated yam, onsesn tamago (soft boiled egg) and haccho miso.

  • Loco station donburi

    All about Atsumi Peninsula – full of local food

  • Whitebait and eel donburi

    Made with whitebaits tempura and eel. Complement with savory sauce and spices.

  • Akabane whitebait donburi

    Donburi topped with fresh whitebaits from the Akabane Port

  • Irago fish donburi

    Made with mostly local fish from off Akabane

  • Aiton (Aichi brand pork) pork loin steak donburi

    Special pork loin steak donburi filled with vegetables from Atsumi.

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