Tahara Festival

Gorgeous floats and marionettes – Traditional festival passed down since Edo era

“Tahara festival” is widely known for its floats with marionettes on top.

The splendid floats with marionettes on top from Kayamachi, Shinmachi, and Honmachi parade through the city and is a designated tangible folk cultural asset of Tahara.

Night float, which children dance te-odori along with, skyrocket fireworks, tezutsu fireworks, and set fireworks will be performed.

●Kayamachi float Sodai-sha
Marionettes: Yamatotakerunomikoto, Sodai, and Miko (shrine maiden). Sodai is popular for his funny face. He is a follower of Yamatotakerunomikoto and dressed in black suikan. He shakes the white wand with hemp and paper streamers to ward off evil. He’s known as “Oberoi (tongue out) doll” for putting his red tongue out.

●Honmachi Float Jingukogo-sha
Marionettes: Jingukogo, Takeshiuchinosukune, and Zaifuri (shadbush shaker). It is supposedly referred to “Sakana-tsuri Ningyo (Fishing doll)”, the tale of Jingukogo and Takeshiuchinosukune. It depicts a joyful moment of them fishing sweetfish along with Ohayashi (Japanese festival music). Zaifuri (shadbush shaker) doll is a little girl dressed in hakama, a male attire. Special work is done around her eyes and the way she rolls her eyes and puts her tongue out is very unique. She is a rarely-seen classical Japanese style maetate doll.

●Shinmachi Float Oujintenno-sha
Marionettes: Oujintenno, Nyokan (Court lady), and Karako Zaifuri (shadbush shaker dressed like Chinese). The Shinmachi float was repaired in 2003. Oujintennno stands on his Taisho-za (general’s seat), Nyokan is at front right, and the Karako Zaifuri doll is set as a maetate doll. Karako doll’s beautiful skilled movements are a must watch.

Day 1
〇Daytime float (Karakuri (marionette) float)
Three floats’ ohayashi’s performance
〇Mikoshi parade
〇Night float and Michi-bayashi (Ohayashi walking)
○Five towns’ night float hikizoroe

Day 2
○Daytime float (Karakuri (marionette) float)
Three floats’ ohayashi’s performance
○Ozutsu Mikoshi
○Five towns’ joint fireworks festival
Tezutsu fireworks and Ozutsu fireworks (Hananoki Hiroba)
Skyrocket fireworks and set fireworks (Around Tahara Cultural Hall)
*Recommended viewpoint for skyrocket fireworks
*Along Shiokawa River, Hananoki Hiroba

Contact information *Available only on the day of the festival
Tahara Festival Hall
Tel: 0531-22-7337

Tahara Festival
September 15th – 16th, 2018
Contact info
Atsumi Peninsula Sightseeing Bureau
Tel: 0531-23-3516
Tahara Festival Hall (Available only on the day of the festival)
Tel: 0531-22-7337

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