• Mt. Zao observation deck

    Mt. Zao observation deck

    The observation deck located at the top of the mountain commands 360-degree panoramic view of Tahara City. There is a wind power generation facility and you can learn about the eco-energy.

  • Lighthouse of the cape of Irago

    Lighthouse of the cape of Irago

    White lighthouse at the tip of Atsumi peninsula which has been watching over the safety of boats

  • Koijigahama


    It is a romantic sand beach named after a folktale about romance.

  • Hiinosekimon


    It means the stone gate where the sun rises. It is an unusually shaped rock due to the erosion by ocean waves, and at a certain season, you can see the rising sun from the cave.

  • Sante Park Tahara

    Sante Park Tahara

    Agricultural Park with the flower fields, a small animal park, the restaurants, etc. The classes to experience sausage cooking and bread baking are also popular.

  • Tahara Festival Hall

    Tahara Festival Hall

    The traditional festival culture of Tahara, with a focus on Karakuri-dashi (mechanical festival car) and Tahara kite, is introduced.

  • Tahara Municipal Museum

    Tahara Municipal Museum

    It is located at the ruins of Tahara castle Ninomaru, and literatures and pieces related to Kazan Watanabe and Tahara domain are exhibited.

  • Shell Mound Yoshigo (Yoshigo shell mound museum)

    Shell Mound Yoshigo (Yoshigo shell mound museum)

    It is a shell mound from Jomon Era and there are a big park, the shell mound, and a museum where you can learn about the living of Jomon people. You can also enjoy experiencing the ancient life.

  • Pacific Ocean long beach

    Pacific Ocean long beach

    Known as a fabulous place for surfing, it is crowded with many young people all year around.

  • Carpets of field mustard

    Carpets of field mustard

    From January to March, along the roads of Atsumi peninsula are colored by yellow filed mustards.

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