• Strawberry picking

    Strawberry picking

    You can eat sweet and sour and delicious strawberries as much as you like! It is very popular with families and couples!

  • Melon picking

    Melon picking

    You can enjoy a local specialty, muskmelon until your appetite is satisfied. You can take the melons you harvested as souvenir to your home.

  • Eating big clams

    Eating big clams

    Atsumi peninsula is a shellfish peninsula. Big clams, local specialty, grilled over an open fire have such a juicy flavor, which you can taste nowhere but here!

  • Surfing


    It is Pacific Ocean long beach where you can enjoy ideal waves rolling in from Pacific Ocean! You can also experience surfing.

  • Swimming beach

    Swimming beach

    The water quality of Atsumi peninsula is one of the cleanest according to the water quality test. From mid-July to the end of August, you can enjoy sea bathing.

  • Shellfish gathering

    Shellfish gathering

    From February to June, you can enjoy looking for and gathering shellfish yourself. It is fun as it is like treasure hunting!

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